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At 20 years old I was on trial facing life & 28 years. The John Gotti in me never considered losing until I heard the word guilty. I would take a soul-searching journey for the next 19 ½ years in prison, swimming through pain, despair, and lies.

The strive to stay human in a place of the dead was mentally, physically, and spiritually draining. But yet I survived, challenged my former thinking, discarded street values, and developed into a man that understands his duty to the next generation.


“Prison Survival is his story. Mallah-Divine gives us a panoramic view of what goes on in the mind of a human being faced with the possibility of serving 55 years in prison for a murder conviction. His first-person account offers strategies or tools for men to combat the barbaric attempts of Department of Correction personnel to break the human spirit and soul.” Dr. Bernard Gassaway


Prison Survival: Hell’s Prism is my vulnerability, soul, and heart being transmitted in this book. I wrote it because I care enough to tell the truth.

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